Koenreich Power Systems is a company dedicated to providing simple and effective training solutions.  Head coach Eric Koenreich uses his tried and true methodology and hands on approach to guide clients from all walks of life to success on the platform and off.  For more information on the services that KPS offers, see the Services section.

About Eric

Eric Koenreich is the owner and head coach of Koenreich Power Systems.

Eric became interested in fitness after he lost 100lbs as a teenager and became infatuated with weight training.  He got his first job as a fitness professional in 2008 after becoming a NASM CPT and has been plying his trade every since.  He’s competed in both natural bodybuilding and drug free powerlifting and is a former USAPL state record holder. 

To date, he has coached hundreds of athletes both in person and on-line – Ranging from recreational strength trainees to beginner level powerlifters to IPF World Championship competitors.