Powerlifting Coaching
Koenreich Power Systems offers off season training as well as meet preparation for competitive powerlifters.

Nutritional Consultation
Need to make weight?  Want to drop a weight class?  Just want abs?  Koenreich Power Systems can help you get the results you want.

Strength Programming for General Fitness
Koenreich power Systems can design training programs for the average gym goer that just wants to get stronger and improve their body composition.  KPS’ programs will work for your goals, even if you have no desire to step on the platform (Yet.)

How Does it Work? 
Coaching is done using 2 methods:

1. Correspondence between coach and client via email -
- Questions/Concerns are addressed on a daily basis, often times within the hour they’re sent
- Spreadsheets are used to track training and/or nutrition
- Check-ins are done on a weekly basis, although clients are encouraged to make contact whenever necessary

2. Interaction in our members only Facebook group
- Clients post training videos for prompt feedback on technique
- The group also serves as a forum to interact with other team members, as well as anther avenue to ask questions/voice concerns.

If you’re interested in coaching, please check the Contact section!